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 (800) 327-9311

We will be holding the 2021 NYFC in Las Vegas over the Thanksgiving weekend!
Registrations will open around the 4th of July weekend on this webpage.
We look forward to seeing you in Vegas this year.

Click HERE to read the 2020 NYFC Invitation. 

Costs include a $200 per team registration fee (if rec'd before 9/30/20)
as well as a $55 per player and coach participant fee. - UP TO 5 COACHES FREE!
Please read the invitation for an explanation of how this tournament is structured. 
More info can also be found on our website: http://www.thenationals.net/football.htm
Call our office if you have any questions at 800-327-9311.

Click LogOn in the upper right of this screen to access your MyTeam website. You must re-register each year.

Please do not begin the registration process until you have the following information and are ready to pay the registration fee. You will need: the name of your league, the name of your team, the team level (Mighty Mites, 4th-5th Grade, Bantams, 8-9 Yr Olds, 11U, etc), the Date of Birth of your oldest player (can be estimated), the weight of your heaviest player (can be estimated), the name and cell phone of the head coach, the name, address, and cell phone of trip manager (the person that will do the online work and organization for the team), and be ready to pay the registration fee for the team. Player's/Coach's fees are not due until mid-October.

If you have ANY questions, feel free to contact us at 800/327-9311 or email us at football@thenationals.net. 

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